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January 24, 2022

Importance of education in Nepal

Apekshya Tiwari
Class : 9

Education is the light of life. It is a continuous and lifelong process. It is the most important and precious property
of a person. It always provides positive changes in life. It makes our life really successful land meaningful. Everybody
needs to be well-educated to fulfill their all needs and wants. Education also plays a vital role in the development of any nation. As we know, our country Nepal is a developing country and most of the people here are not much educated. The literacy rate of our country is very low i.e maybe just 66%. There are many rural villages
in Nepal where nobody is educated. In such conditions, the development of a country becomes difficult. The development of any nation depends on its citizens. Like how much educated they are & how can they
contribute to their country but if they are uneducated then they can do nothing for their country & the status of the country remains weak. Education is known as the foundation of development. It provides various technical knowledge & manpower. Unless the country has required educated manpower, it cannot develop its condition
smoothly. A country needs pilots, doctors, teachers, mechanics, etc. & without education, it is impossible to have them.
Our country Nepal is an agricultural country. It can produce a lot of agricultural products.
But Nepal has been buying vegetables & rice is from other countries. There are many farmers and many people who do farming but our condition in farming is very bad. It’s all because of lack of technical knowledge & education farmer are doing farming traditionally. They are not using modern technology because they have no education & knowledge. Due to this our country is behind than other countries. Even our country is a rich country in water resources. It is in the second position according to its capacity. It is in the first position in generating electricity. Nepal has the capacity to generate 83000-megawatt electricity but till now it has not been generated even 1000 megawatt electricity due to a lack of educated human resources. Our country would have earned a lot of money by selling electricity too. But due to the illiteracy of citizens, our country is not going as it can. So for the development of the Nation, education is very much important. If Nepal had managed educated manpower then it would have become the most developed country because it really has that capacity. As it is rich in water resources, it can generate 83000
megawatt electricity & irrigate almost every part of the land that has good fertility power for agriculture. So, education is very important in Nepal for its development. When compared to the present time with previous one, there is a huge importance of education. People’s mind is being broadened day by day. The development of education in Nepal is essential. It is said that education is key to success. So if all Nepalese citizens become educated then Nepal will not be far from its success. It’s a success in its development. Nepal can become a developed country if its citizen becomes educated. So, we should know the importance of education in Nepal & spread the light of education all over the

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