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January 24, 2022


Dinesh Mahato
Class: 9

Pollution means the state of making something or someplace impure or dirty. Today, we are suffering from different forms of pollution like land pollution, water pollution, noise pollution, etc.

We have seen the road dirty. We see plastics, pieces of paper, cans, bottles, etc, thrown everywhere on roadsides. The household rubbish is thrown over the road. When we walk along the roads, we find them full of dust and smoke.

Vehicles produce smoke and loud noise. They blow horns. They produce smoke which causes pollution. Some move around the streets making loud noises through loudspeakers. We can’t find a place to breathe fresh air. The air around us is full of dust particles and smoke. As we walk around, it smells very bad. We have to close our noses with our hands and hanky. We can not breathe pleasantly. Because of the pollution, our drinking water is being dirty every day. The things which we need every time are made dirty and polluted. It is like poison. As a result, people suffer from different kinds of diseases.

Because of land pollution, the fertility power of our land is decreasing day by day. Our crops are not grown properly. We have to add more chemical fertilizer for growth, which decreases the fertility power of the land.

Therefore, we should try to keep our surroundings clean. It’s our duty to minimize pollution and keep our world safe to live in. Only then we can get fresh air and the atmosphere is fresh and healthy.

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