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January 19, 2022

My Parent My pride

Prakriti Chaudhary

Some People have pride in their country or Culture but my parents are my pride. They are the most precious possession of my life. My parents are special because they are the roots that support me at the base underground Though they are hidden underground my existence without them is impossible As there can be no present without the past similarly, I cannot have my being without my parents. It is their power that keeps my world stable. They earn work where would I be without their loving care? My life will come to a standstill without them They give me a place when I’m hurt! Their strength to face the challenges, dilemmas, loneliness & hard times our parents & grandparents shine in our dark world like rays of light great authors, leaders, scientists doctors, etc often had supportive parent’s the truth is our parents are the most indispensable part of our life They are the light of our otherwise dark world. At times I just wonder what my life Would be without me They not only brought me to this world but also ensured each & every need of mine be fulfilled & taken care of they provided for my education They installed in me the value & strong characters our parents are the living God ! we must respect them & love them for their invaluable light of love & wisdom in our life.
So, A lot of sacrifices are made by our parents in order to give us the life we have a proud part of our villages our parents are living god.

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